Bowel Cancer Australia Fundraising

My name is Adam Hawkins, I am 37 years old. I am married to Heidi and a father to my 2 children, Noah 6 years old and Willow 5 years old. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Bowel Cancer in June 2013 and battled through surgery and 6 months of chemotherapy till January 2014. I am very happy to say that 20 months down the track I am very much alive and healthy enjoying every single day of life! This is certainly a cause that doesn’t get too much awareness, its frightening the amount of young people I have met on my journey who are challenged with the same fate as me.

A few days after I was diagnosed and went into surgery at the Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane, a very special nurse contacted me: Nurse Fiona, who has been in contact with me EVERY Thursday fortnight since my diagnosis and become a great friend, some times I talk to her a few minutes some times up to an hour. I now also volunteer for Bowel Cancer Australia talking to other patients my age talking through our journey and the similar challenges we have faced medically, physically and psychologically. It is this support and medical advice over the phone that has been an instrumental part of my journey, funded by your donations to Bowel Cancer Australia.

I have registered with Bowel Cancer Australia and have a Fundraising Sanction Number BCA 5476 for the Month Of November 2015!

To make a donation please deposit into:

Adam Hawkins
Commonwealth Bank
BSB: 064 120
ACCOUNT: 660 589
(Reference: your name)

At the end of the month all proceeds for the fundraising appeal will be transferred to Bowel Cancer Australia. Thank you in advance for your support!