About Us

Pirate’s Plate is a vessel, skippered by the enigmatic Captain, Adam Hawkins. His passion for food and cooking brought about this venture, enabling Captain Hawkins to experiment and present his bounty to all.

For all ye scallywags!

Bringing you new and exciting feasts and flavours, built with the land-lover at heart, Pirate’s Plate lists moorings Brisbane wide. Maybe you’ll be told to Walk the Schnitz Plank over a bed of Belgian Fries and drizzled with Dill Aioli. Or take aim and fire a Blunder Buss loaded with spicy German Wurst and Sauerkraut. And if the hunger bug still itches, a side of Jalapeño Poppers will cure what ails ya.

Strap on your eye patch and pull on your loosest trousers, cause a feed at Pirate’s Plate will be sure to dry your drool.

Catering & Events

Catering & Events

Planning on hosting a ship full of drunken sailors?

Birthday’s, work functions, Christmas parties, or if you’re just looking for an excuse to throw down, get in touch with Pirate’s Plate. Feel free to come and have a chin-wag if you run into us at an event.

Catering & Events

A special tribute

My name is Adam Hawkins. I am 40 years old. I am a husband to Heidi and a father to my two children, Noah (6) and Willow (5). I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Bowel Cancer in June 2013 and battled through surgery and 6 months of chemotherapy until January 2014. I am very happy to say that three and a half years down the track I am very much alive and healthy, enjoying every single day of life! As a patient on the road to remission, I am trying to grow awareness about this terrible illness. It’s frightening the number of young people I have met who are, or have been challenged with the same plight.

A few days after I was diagnosed I went into surgery at the Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane, and a very special nurse contacted me; Nurse Fiona. She has been in contact with me EVERY fortnight since my diagnosis and become a great friend. Sometimes I talk to her for a few minutes, sometimes up to an hour. I now volunteer for Bowel Cancer Australia talking to other patients through “Buddy Connect”. We talk about our journeys and the challenges we have faced medically, physically and psychologically. It is this support and medical advice over the phone that has been an instrumental part of my recovery, funded by your kind and generous donations to Bowel Cancer Australia.

So, thank you.